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Artist Talks Series 1: Fung Ming Chip


Hong Kong-based ink artist Fung Ming Chip is humble when talking about his accomplished career spanning over 30 years. "So many good things have happened to me, I don't think I deserve it. I'm just lucky," . The artist's integrity to tradition and contemporary approach to the ancient art of calligraphy have made his work appealing to Chinese and Western collectors alike. Mr. Fung owned a car-mechanic shop in Hong Kong and was recuperating from tuberculosis when he first took up seal-carving in his mid-20s. He began teaching himself calligraphy as a way to improve his seal-carving technique. At 30, he decided to become a calligraphy artist full-time, much to the disappointment of his parents.

Being self-taught has given Mr. Fung the creative freedom to go beyond the boundaries of tradition. Besides the master calligraphers, Mr. Fung is also inspired by the American artists like Franz Kline and Robert Motherwell. Whereas some contemporary calligraphy artists have discovered ways to push art forward by altering Chinese characters and obfuscating their meaning, Mr. Fung has chosen a more subtle approach.  -OLIVIA WANG, The Wall Street Journal

The first " Artist Talk" series for 2015 will feature world renown ink artist Fung Ming Chip. Chip's work is in numerous significant collections throughout the world including:

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, USA

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA, USA

Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Harvard University Art Museum, Cambridge, MA,USA

Princeton University Art Gallery, Princeton, NJ, USA

Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick, ME, USA

White Rabbit Collection, Sydney, Australia

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University, England

The Olenska Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland

Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong, China

United Airlines, Hong Kong International Airport, H

ong Kong, China

Shanghai Tang, Hong Kong and New York, USA

China Club, Hong Kong, China

Mobil Oil, Hong Kong, China

Fundacao Oriente, Macau, China

Ju Ming Foundation, Taichung, Taiwan

Westin Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan

Jerry Yang & Akiko Yamazaki, San Francisco, CA, USA